Netscape Navigator Release Notes -- Macintosh

    Development of the first version of the NetScape Mosaic world wide web browser moves rapidly between April 1994 and November 1994. As the version number creeps closer and closer to 1.0, version notes are published detailing the advances made with each new release. Preserved in mint 1994 condition are a few version notes from the original Mosaic Communications/Netscape Communications home site for Macintosh.

Macintosh Versions

    Mosaic NetScape 0.4
    Mosaic NetScape 0.7
    Mosaic NetScape 0.8
    Mosaic NetScape 0.9 Version Notes
    Netscape 0.91
    Netscape 0.92
    Netscape 0.93
    Netscape 0.94 Version Notes
    Netscape 0.95 Version Notes
    Netscape Navigator 0.96 Version Notes