About: Authors -- The Legendary Mozilla Team

    Much like the mythical team that created the Apple Macintosh, the creators of Mosaic NetScape / Netscape Navigator signed their work, too. Entering the location "about:authors" in earlier versions of Netscape Navigator would invoke a list of the primary authors and contributors to the project. Presented to you are the author pages from version to 0.9 through 2.02. This means of recognition was eliminated with version 3.0.

    Version 0.9 Mosaic NetScape Team
    Version 0.93 Netscape Team
    Version 0.96 Netscape Team
    Version 1.0 Netscape Team
    Version 1.1 Mozilla Team
    Version 1.12 Mozilla Team
    Version 2.0 Mozilla Team
    Version 2.02 Mozilla Team