Mozilla -- In All His Original Splendor

    The only entity that does not find its name changed after the word "Mosaic" is removed from every image, product, name, and service provided by this young company is its mascot, Mozilla. (You may want to read the press release pertaining to this change.) Mozilla appears in different images atop each and every subsection of Mosaic NetScape's web site and is an extremely familiar sight to each and every web surfer who got on before the summer of 1995 (when an art-decoish planet motif replaces him).

    Inspired by Jamie Zawinski, as a name for Mosaic Communications' client, the visual representation of Mozilla was created by Nathan Rapheld, who writes: "[Mozilla] was initially a Spaceman Spiff type guy, but the group didn't like that much. We had a big picture of Godzilla that everyone referred to as Mozilla, so I decided to go that route and create a personality with a bit more brains and attitude than his larger counterpart. The Mozilla shots, I worked with an artist to have them done... Fun stuff."

    However, very few people thought to preserve these images at the time. Previously thought to be lost forever, see Mozilla in his original splendor!

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    Mozilla: Netscape Handbook
    Mozilla: Ordering, Killer Products, Customer Solutions, Training
    Mozilla: Cool Tricks, Who We Are, About Mozilla, What's Cool
    Mozilla: Internet Directory, Frequently Asked Questions, How to Give Feedback, About the Internet
    Mozilla: What's New, Registration, Internet Search, How to Create Web Services
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