External Links to Sites of Interest

    Here's a collection of links you may like to visit, if web archaeology interests you:

    www.w3history.org. If you are interested in learning more about the history of the web and its development, I highly suggest that you visit w3history, one of the premier history of the world wide web venues you'll come across.

    Browserspy. According to its creator, BrowserSpy will tell you detailed information, like version and support, of your Browser, JavaScript, JVM, Java, Plugins, Components, Language, Screen, Hardware, IP, and more.

    AltaVista Translations. This server will translate many foreign language web pages into English on the fly. Although the translations are a little clunky, they're usually good enough.

    The (Second Phase of the) Revolution Has Begun. "Wired," a magazine which tries a little too hard (sometimes) to write about the cutting edge did an interesting piece on Mosaic Netscape back in 1994. Interesting reading.